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How often have you faced this cumbersome upgrade scenario when deploying enterprise software, whether on-prem or SaaS:

  • Solution is deployed on OS version 16.0 written in software language 8.0

  • After some period of time your IT staff requests the solution’s OS and software language are upgraded to 18.0 and 11.0 respectively for security and stability reasons

  • You follow-up with the vendor requesting support; vendor promises to add it to the roadmap, for delivery in 12–18 months

  • Upgrade eventually requires downtime and potentially a professional services engagement

Now consider the upgrade steps for an enterprise solution implemented as a 100% cloud-native, serverless function using AWS Lambda:

  • Solution is always deployed on the latest stable OS, and for example written in Java 8

  • After some period of time your IT staff requests the solution run on Java 11

  • You follow-up with the vendor requesting support; nimble, responsive vendor with unlimited supply of testing kit (you know, the cloud) kicks off automated DevOps cloud pipeline testing the solution on Java 11 (if they haven’t done already)

  • If no changes are required, merely instruct the customer to choose the new runtime environment in the Lambda console; it will get picked up the next execution of the function:

  • If changes are required, make a new jar file available on S3 and instruct customer to update the code

Cost savings alone recommends a serverless solution over SaaS or legacy on-prem, but in deploying a solution through AWS Lambda has software discovered the Fountain of Youth? When desirable new OS and language versions become available, skip the lengthy, cumbersome, error-prone upgrade procedure and instead pull down a familiar menu or two in the AWS console and get on with your busy job.

For a concrete example, try our brief, hands-on demo of Thunder for EC2 Serverless in your own environment, not only to see how simply and cost-effectively disaster recovery automation can be deployed, but how easy it would be to keep the same solution youthful for years to come. Or contact us at to schedule an online demo.

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