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DR for AWS: Got a few Seconds?

Is disaster recovery protection for your mission-critical EC2 workload on your to do list, but finding time and budget is difficult?

In my previous article I described how our DR automation product Thunder for EC2 Serverless can provide robust protection for a roughly 1% premium on even a modest monthly cloud spend. In this article I’ll demonstrate how the time investment is equally as small.

Here’s our user guide, roughly the length of this article:

(Compare that to the big guys, just their description on how to register and pay for their product is longer than our entire guide).

Here’s how to deploy our product, implemented as a Lambda function, just configure two parameters (the second is optional) through Cloud Formation:

Next, watch how easy it is to provision duplicate EC2 instances in a remote region and set up ongoing snapshot replication, again through Cloud Formation:

Need deep testing of popular applications? Configure another Lambda function to connect to MySQL and retrieve contents of a test table after each snapshot job (yep, Cloud Formation)

View the logs of the ongoing replication through a secure CloudFront URL, available on any device at any time:

As a Lambda function, it only uses CPU time to perform the necessary operations to snapshot, replicate, and test, and does not spend any time waiting idly. In this example the Lambda metrics indicate it spends an average of 6 seconds operating every 15 minutes, at $0.0000000021 per millisecond, you might pay almost nothing in usage costs with the AWS Lambda free tier.

Finally, if there is a lengthy or permanent outage at your primary region, just navigate to the DR region and power on all of the up-to-date, tested duplicate instances. Keep your business running while your unprepared competitors scramble.

That’s all there is to it. The chance of a permanent outage is very low but not zero. So protect yourself by spending an amount of time and money that is accordingly very low. Contact us at for more information.

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