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DR for AWS: Got a few minutes?

In my last article I described how our new serverless-based disaster recovery automation solution for AWS can be summarized with a few videos each lasting just a few seconds.

Now if you have just a few minutes (and a few pennies) you can try it out yourself in your own AWS account. Our hands-on tutorial walks you through the simple steps to create a sample failover environment and then deploy, configure, and use our new solution. All of which should take no longer than 10 minutes, and at most a few pennies, to launch a micro EC2 instance and run our Lambda function to provision, replicate, and failover a duplicate.

The demo setup including an introductory video is available here.

Our new solution is completely cloud-native: it is deployed and configured through CloudFormation, executed through CloudWatch Events driving Lambda functions, and ongoing management is through a CloudFront signed URL. This is not only the easiest and cost-effective way to manage cross-region failover, this probably should be the approach all infrastructure solutions should take in the future.

In particular if you are an AWS Consulting Partner and are looking for innovative and unique ways to distinguish yourself, please consider exploring our solution: it will delight your clients and hopefully give insights into how other solutions can and should be rearchitected to drive cost and complexity to their lowest possible level.

As always for more information please drop us a note at

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